Chill Ft. MonyHorse, Rinoh, Jin Dogg / 3ch

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BK JKT size[650x650]


『Speedy Gold Ninja』avaiable Now!!!

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HIBRID ENTERTAINMENTのラッパー、BKことBYUNGSUNG KIMの待望のソロ・デビュー・ミックステープ『Speedy Gold Ninja』が11月23日にリリース!
HIBRID ENTERTAINMENTからJIN DOGGやYOUNG YUJIRO、JAPP PEPPERに加え、WILY WNKA、YDIZZY (KiLLa)、BLAISE (KiLLa)、QN、TURC、BIPER (GCB)、海史、小川善司が参加!JAPP PEPPERやWILY WNKAらとともに結成したグループ、FORCE LIMITとして活動し、約3年間の刑務所生活を終えHIBRID ENTERTAINMENTに合流。今年Manhattan Recordsよりリリースされたアルバム「HIBRID OR DIE VOL.1」でもそのダークな存在感とスーパーハードなラップを披露し注目を集め、”Breezy (Feat. Biper)”、”アウトレイジ (Feat. Jin Dogg)”、”DJ CHARI – BURNING(Feat. BK)” といった楽曲がWREPでも度々プレイされ話題となる中、正に待望と言えるソロ・デビューミックステープのリリースが決定!すでに次の服役も決定!? この男の動きを見逃すな!

HIBRID ENTERTAINMENT’s rapper, BK a.k.a BYUNGSUNG KIM’s long-awaited solo debut · Mixtape “Speedy Gold Ninja” released on November 23!
Acting as FORCE LIMIT, a group formed with JAPP PEPPER and WILYWNKA, after completing the prison life for about 3 years, joined the HIBRID ENTERTAINMENT. The album “HIBRID OR DIE VOL.1” released from Manhattan Records this year. He attracted attention by showing its dark presence and super hard Rap. Songs such as “Breezy (Feat. Biper)”, “Out Rage (Feat. Jin Dogg)” and “DJ CHARI – BURNING (Feat. BK)” are played frequently even on YOUTUBE, and he is a topic in Japan .The solo debut mix tapes which can be said to be a long-awaited release are decided! Already decided next prisoner! Do not miss this guy’s move!

『Speedy Gold Ninja』
1. Tekitoo (Prod. Bricks On Da Beat)
2. Breezy (Feat. Biper) (Prod. Bricks On Da Beat)
3. Dead Star (Feat. WILYWNKA, Japp Pepper) (Prod. Benihana Boy)
4. Hot Line (Feat. 海史) (Prod. Zero)
5. White Miley Cyrus (Feat. Jin Dogg, YDIZZY, BLAISE) (Prod. Warkar)
6. 83 (Feat. QN, BIPER, Japp Pepper) (Prod. THbeatz)
7. Free Bro (Feat. Japp Pepper) (Prod. Young Savage Coco)
8. Super Duper (Feat. Jin Dogg) (Prod. TORM ON THE TRACK)
9. Suzzestion (Prod. Lil YamaGucci)
10. Work (Feat. TURC) (Prod. Kid Ocean)
11. OD (Feat. Young Yujiro) (Prod. Lil YamaGucci)
12. 刑務所の歌 (Feat. 小川善司) (Prod. Feelo)

Swervin ft. Young Yujiro, Kenayeboi, SEEDA, Jin Dogg (Prod. Lil YamaGucci)[Official Music Video]



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1. Jin Dogg – アホばっか (Feat. Young Yujiro & WILYWNKA) (Prod. Warkar) [MV]
2. BK –  序盤 (Feat. Young Yujiro) (Prod. Lil YamaGucci)
3. DJ BULLSET – 好き好き (Feat. Young Coco, WILYWNKA & Young Yujiro) (Prod. Triply & Ke$hawn) [MV]
4. Young Coco – 作る (Feat. MonyHorse) (Prod. Yenyen Beatz)
5. Young Yujiro – 頼む 黙れ Remix (Feat. SKOLOR, BK, LYTO, GOTU, PERSIA, Jin Dogg) (Prod. Kid Ocean)
6. Fresh Dude Crew – New cloth (Prod. Lil YamaGucci × 3ch)
7. BK – Blow (feat. BIPER, K.O.W, Young Yujiro, Japp Pepper) (Prod. Warkar)
8. Young Yujiro – Bed (Feat. 遊戯, WILYWNKA) (Prod. GRADIS NICE)
9. DJ BULLSET – What You Want (Feat. RAU DEF, Young Yujiro) (Prod. stnfsk) [MV]
10. Jin Dogg – Tomodachi Pt.2 (Feat. Young Yujiro, Mony Horse) (Prod. Yenyen Beatz)
11. BK – アウトレイジ (Feat. Jin Dogg) (Prod. DJ BULLSET)
12. DJ BULLSET – No Roof (Feat. Young Coco, Cz Tiger) (Prod. Lil’Yukichi x ZOT on the WAVE) [MV]
13. Young Coco – コレカラ (Prod. 3ch)
14. Fresh Dude Crew – Ride With (Prod. 3ch) [MV]
15. Jin Dogg – am2:00 (Feat. 23vrsz) (AG Beatz) [MV]
16. Lil Yama Gucci – Swervin (Feat. Young Yujiro, Kenayeboi, SEEDA, Jin Dogg (Prod. Lil YamaGucci)
1. Young Coco – Dareyorimo Takaitoko (Feat. Jin Dogg, Young Yujiro, TYOSiN) (Prod. GRADIS NICE)
2. Jin Dogg – KAMIKAZE (Prod. GRADIS NICE)
3. DJ BULLSET – Zoo (Feat. Jin Dogg, Mony Horse, Cz Tiger) (Prod. Warkar)
4. Young Yujiro – 勢い (Feat. MonyHorse)  (Prod. GRADIS NICE) [MV]
5. Kitchen K – Twin Turbo (Feat. Young Yujiro) (Prod. Yenyen Beatz)
6. BK – Savasian (Feat. Jin Dogg, Japp Pepper, 海史) (Prod. Warkar)
7. Kenayeboi – Routine (Prod. 3ch)
8. DJ BULLSET – Snow (Feat. Jin Dogg, Young Yujiro, Pepcee, 誤) (Prod. GRADIS NICE)
9. Force Limit – Stupid High (Feat. Young Yujiro) (Prod. DJ Asami)
10. Warkar – 失礼やなほんと (Feat. Young Yujiro, HIDADDY, Jin Dogg, ERONE) (Prod. Warkar)
11. DJ BULLSET – Osaka Kids (Feat. Jaggla, Jin Dogg) (Prod. Prodlem) [MV]
12. Young Yujiro – Yellow Suicide (Feat. Jaggla, Jin Dogg) (Prod. Warkar)
13. Jin Dogg – Sunshine (Feat. Young Coco, Young Yujiro) (Prod. Yenyen Beatz)
14. Young Coco – 作る Remix (Feat. Jin Dogg, Young Yujiro) (Prod. Yenyen Beatz)
15. Young Coco – Amazing (Feat. MonyHorse) (Prod. ColorBlind × CraftMasterProductions) [MV]
16. Young Yujiro – Ninja Burning (Prod. 3ch)